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Krissy Dopson, Yoga Instructor

Enthusiasm to love your life and to explore your inner depths is contagious around Krissy Dopson.  Her yoga passion helps people achieve bliss while on one's journey.  Krissy loves life in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops and sessions joyful, spiritually uplifted, and connected to inner self!  Born in South Carolina and raised traveling around the globe she is an wholehearted citizen of the world and spiritual adventurer. Krissy is a Parankriya Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with over 3,000 hours of teaching experience, a Pranakriya Yoga Therapist and an energy/body healer with a background in Thai Yoga Therapy and Bio Energy Healing.  Krissy has been teaching and practicing yoga over the last 6 years.  Through yoga, she became more connected to her inner self -- spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.   Krissy found teaching Yoga to be the vehicle through which she can share the exhilaration and positivity of her experience.  She leads transformational classes, one-on-one therapy sessions and workshops with practical ways to promote inner happiness and experience a glowing sensation.  Krissy's intentions are to positively impact every person she encounters and make the world a better place, one yoga practice at a time. 


Krissy's studio is located at:

526 Legion Road, Warrenville, SC 29851

Contact Krissy at: 803-645-1721


Rates: Free - Enjoy your practice 


Class Schedule


8:15am Hot Power 

3:30pm Restorative Yoga (no heat)

6:30pm Hot Stretch (Flow with Lauren)


8:15am Hot Stretch 


8:15am Hot Power 


8:15am Hot Stretch 

10:00am Gentle Stretch

7:00pm Hot Stretch 


8:15am Hot Stretch


9:00am Warm Stretch


10:00am Partner Yoga (Krissy-Only 1st Sunday of the month)