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Youth Weightlifting 101

Our Weightlifting Form Camp will be a week-long educational experience that will involve classroom-style technique instruction, video analysis, and hands-on work with very light to moderate weight.  The class will be held Monday-Friday and will be 90 minutes in length.  Each day, we will discuss and practice a different lift, including the back squat, deadlift, bench press, and power clean, as these are some of the most common barbell movements performed in high school and college weight rooms. In addition to the movements, students will learn essential safety protocols needed in the weight room, and will be shown mobility exercises that will help address any flexibility issues that a student may display when lifting.  Completion of this course will result in students having a solid foundation of tools to help improve their strength and set them up for success as they continue their athletic endeavors.  

Camp Details:

The Weightlifting Form Camp will be offered in three different sessions this summer: June 15-19, July 13-17, and August 3-7.  Each class will be held from 9:30-11 AM Monday through Friday.  The cost of the program is $50.00 per student, and all students must pre-register.  To ensure that each student gets one on one coaching, we are limiting the class to 10 students per week. If you have an athlete interested have him or her register at: