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Unless you are competent in all the movements utilized in CrossFit we require that everyone complete the 'OnRamp Course'. This course will allow a trainer to assess your physical capabilities as well as allow you to familiarize yourself with the movements used in CrossFit.

At CrossFit Aiken, we understand that everyone's level of fitness is different. Some people can easily lift heavy weight, some can run fast, and some struggle just to climb a flight of stairs. Regardless of your capabilities, we will start at a level of difficulty at which you are comfortable, and slowly work our way up. In the beginning, we will focus solely on form, technique, and fundamentals, as our number one concern is your well-being.

The purpose of our OnRamp course is to introduce you to the various movements that we will utilize including; bodyweight calisthenics, barbell lifts, rowing, and many other exercises. We will also work on mobilizing your muscles and joints to improve range of motion and to rehabilitate any injuries or pain that you may have been experiencing. This course will be educational, but, at the same time you will be surprised by how much of a workout it is to simply practice these movements at a low intensity.

The OnRamp course consists of two hour long personal training sessions (cost is $40 per session). Please see the schedule for CrossFit class times and contact us directly to reserve your one on one introduction.